A new cotton seed developed
for super-fine cotton...
Long fibre is never a short story...
sublayer sublayer
shirting fabrics
Bespoke Selection fabrics
for the most refined of tastes
A new collection
for jackets & trousers

Welcome to SÖKTAŞ, home of fabric excellence.
Our global reputation has been built on meeting precise needs
with exceptional fabrics delivered with impeccable service.












ISTANBUL 29 - 31 October 2014


Luxury at Every Level is embedded in our entire approach to the services we offer our customers. Fast Turn-Around on even super-premium lines is made possible through an unmatched selection of in-stock fabrics and an automated, highly efficient order system. One-Off Exclusive Collections cater to the high fashion market which demands exclusivity. Bespoke selection meets the needs of individual tailors globally. We offer a range of Intelligent Finishes, offering contemporary fabric finishing options, available for almost every fabric.


Our designers constantly anticipate future demand and design and create accordingly. That means our in-stock collections stay ahead of trends and are at the forefront of the industry. They offer an unmatched selection of updated classics and ‘right now’ designs and colours.
With so many fabrics at our finger-tips, in many cases we don’t need to
‘make to order’, so turn-around times are greatly reduced and, with a completely automated order- to-delivery process, we are able to offer lightning fast delivery on a vast amount of fabrics, including super premium lines.



For customers for whom exclusivity is synonymous with their brand,
we have dedicated design teams assigned to create seasonal collections for individual fashion houses. Thousands of designs in our archives are available to view for inspiration as each collection is jointly conceived. No two collections are the same in design, weave, content or colour story and each one is exclusive to the fashion house for whom it has been designed, with exact quantities made to order. This service is how we have developed long-lasting and committed partnerships with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.



We cater to the personalised tailor-made shirting market around the world with a super-premium line of fabrics that can be ordered for individual customers in quantities as small as a single shirt length. Fabric selections for this market are made not only from the world’s finest Egyptian Giza cotton but also from the purest and longest fibres that produce fabrics of unparalleled softness.



Almost all our fabrics can be finished with a treatment that adds another dimension of function or form. Archichem Finishes offer
a variety of functions from odour prevention and spill-resistance to moisture resistance and superior drying capabilities. The use of the latest nano-technology allows fabrics to breathe and retain their
natural softness.

Flat Finishes offer wrinkle-free and stay-fresh fabrics. This is an environmentally-friendly, ammonia-free treatment that results
in a far superior performance to traditional non-iron finishes.

Want to know more? Our Sales Team is waiting to hear from you.



Cotton and cotton blended shirtings that are in tune with current trends and ahead of upcoming ones.
These premium to super-premium fabrics are in styles that range from silky and sophisticated to classics with a twist; from casual, sporty chic to ingenious, environmental chic. Colours and textures are ‘right now’ and answer the question for today’s every look, story, feel and finish.

A collection made from fine Egyptian cotton using a double twist, compact yarn and blends with linen, cashmere and silk that’s delightfully comfortable to wear. Designs offer options for formal, informal, urban and casual business wear. Available in a wide range of patterns, a variety of finishes and always in this season’s colours.


A unique collection of exceptional shirtings with the softest and silkiest
of handles for the most discerning of customers. Made entirely from Turkey’s first long staple cotton developed by Söktaş, a strong, fine and silky fibre that rivals most of the finest Egyptian Giza varieties. Available in seasonal colour stories and patterns in addition to the classic styles that are always in stock.

See the full story in How We are Changing Cotton


Black and White shirtings for special occasions offering the ultimate
in sophisticated simplicity with subtle differences in weave and finish.
A collection of premium cotton and cotton blends in timeless black and white, expressed in the most popular weaves of the season.


A collection for young-at-heart customers looking for a relaxed and stylish casual look and feel. This range offers a variety of premium cotton, cotton blends and sophisticated yarns in current season bright colours, stripes and checks. On offer are comfortable, sporty fabrics that range from clean wash to denim in a variety of great feeling weaves and finishes.


A brilliantly conceived premium collection made from re-cycled cotton yarns blended with certified organically grown cotton. Stripes and checks are in muted colours that create a soft, natural transition of tone and pattern. A collection that translates the vision of environmental responsibility into the artistic realisation of desirable fabric.



A breathtaking diversity of cotton and cotton blended shirtings that are in stock and ready for
orders that come in at any time. Our in-stock selection of shirtings is upwards of 2500 varieties,
made possible through constant re-interpretation of classic designs and constant anticipation
of trends. Perennially on offer collections are filled with timeless and updated fabrics that are
always right for now.

The Noblesse catalogue is a showcase of our super-premium collections of exclusive classic designs in the finest Egyptian Giza cottons in yarn counts of Ne 300/2, 240/2, 200/2, 170/2 and 140/2.
These are the finest shirtings in the world, woven from the finest
yarns in the world.


A blissful blend of super-fine Egyptian cotton and luminous silk that gives this collection a subtle, natural shine and luxurious fluidity.
For the discerning customer who is looking for both the look and
feel of understated luxury.


A strong, fine and silky cotton shirting collection, made entirely from Turkey’s first long staple cotton that rivals most of the finest Egyptian Giza varieties. Exceptional shirtings with the softest and silkiest of handles for the most discerning of customers. In classic designs
and colours that are always available in addition to a collection of seasonal variations.

See the full story in How We are Changing Cotton


Three books of classic shirtings, from 100% Egyptian cotton, organic cotton and various cotton blends including with silk, linen and elastane for comfortable stretch fabrics in men’s and women’s styles.
All available in an abundance of designs and rich colours.

The new books also offer our new “Traveller” range, which is designed with 'travel 'in mind. Under the “Traveller” range we want to make life easier for you by keeping your shirt clean and crisp all day long through your hectic schedules with 'Non Iron' , 'Easy Care' and 'Flat Finishes' which offer wrinkle-free and stay-fresh alternatives without ammonia.

Essentials, luxury fabrics with timeless and elegant designs.

Modern Classic, timeless classics with exquisite designs.

Showcase, sensational blends in a range of delicate, beautifully
executed fabrics in line with current trends.


A special collection of exclusive designs in classic colours and textures created for customers offering made-to-measure shirts. These are high-end fabrics made from the finest Egyptian Giza cotton, with only the purest and longest fibres selected to be spun into extra-fine yarns.

Click here to go to our Bespoke Precision Service



The emphasis in this collection is on yarn, weave and craftsmanship in classic styles and colours. These are premium and super-premium cotton and cotton blended shirtings that are designed for the spectrum of formal and informal occasions.

Designed for that impeccable evening (or morning) shirt, weaves in this range are a perfect combination of classic style and modern designs. Two fold 100% super-fine cotton yarns ensure these fabrics retain their brightness and softness, even after washing. The colour stories here are traditional for important events across the globe - from white, cream and black through to grey and silk.



Developed and designed for jackets and trousers that meet the growing trend for a new, more relaxed style of urban clothing. Fabrics range from 100% cotton to cotton blends that include cotton and wool, cashmere, silk, linen, elastane etc. Each has been designed to work for both lined and unlined jackets and blazers and for trousers that fit perfectly, whatever shape the season takes.

A collection of the finest cotton with wool and cashmere fabrics for the cooler seasons. For the warmer seasons, the blends are fine cotton with linen or silk for a look and feel that is contemporary, light and versatile yet retains a semi-formal, citysmart look. Fabrics are breathable and perfect both for tailored jackets and unstructured styles without lining.



Our Design Centre at Söke is a place that was conceived to promote design excellence and to visually represent the understated elegance that is in the DNA of our business. We are proud of this artistic and light-filled hub, perhaps best described through a visitor’s eyes:

The light and airy design centre at Söktaş is more like a gallery of modern art than part of a textile mill. Delicate sculptures made of industrial materials by university students stand on plinths scattered around the groundfloor area. Coloured rolls of yarn line glass and metal tables, punctuated by pictures distributed about the place, looking like exhibits in their own right. Thousands of archived cloth samples hang in rows along the second storey gallery like a library of coffee table books. But the hushed bustle of the designers and technical staff, busying themselves at their computers or seeking inspiration from archives, shows the building to be the living, working focal point of a company at the front of the Turkish industry. From “Moving on Up” by Suna Erdem in DNR magazine.


Our design showroom is located in Istanbul, in the sophisticated, cosmopolitan district of Pera, with its rich cultural heritage reflected in many of our designs. A highly-developed IT system allows our design team there to work on-line with the organisation’s headquarters in Söke via a Computer Aided Design service. Over 300,000 fabrics are stored in our archives, providing a wonderful resource and ongoing inspiration for new and classic design solutions.

Please click here to watch Söktaş Pera video


To keep us ahead of trends, Research and Development is a critical element of our business.
In fact, we are one of only a few companies in the country - and one of only a handful in the textile industry - to be granted a Government granted and supported R & D License. Our R & D department encompasses 3 dedicated sections and over 80 staff, many of them constantly engaged in sustainability, efficiency and creative projects.


Our R & D department can be working on 30 to 40 different projects
at any one time. Projects range from origination of new blends from concept through to product and presentation, to process initiatives; from development of sustainable cotton and organic cotton
fabrics to the maintenance of bio-diversity in soils and production systems; from development of innovative fabric finishes that perform better than industry standards, to the up-cycling and re-cycling of yarns. One of the biggest projects to date was that of Meander 71, one that began in the soil with the development of a new hybrid cotton seed and finished with a fabric to rival most of the Egyptian Giza cotton.

See the full story in How We are Changing Cotton



We are a company that combines creativity with a customer-focused approach, a wide range of fabric collections and many value-added options. Our co-operative work-with-the customer design philosophy and our deep know-how in the technological and process aspects behind premium cotton fabric production gives our customers the results they want and gives us a portfolio of customers around the world who put their trust in us season after season.

Perhaps the best way to give you a sense of how we will meet your needs is to let our current customers tell you what they see in us:

“Vision and a professional approach”
“Strong and rich portfolio”
“Servicing a wide range of product groups”
“Design support with exclusives is really good”,
“Flexibility for smaller orders”
“We ask a hundred silly questions every day and SÖKTAŞ is always cooperative in solving all our problems”

(SÖKTAŞ 2012 Customer Feedback Survey)



Of the many R & D projects we undertake, none exemplifies our commitment to exceptional fabrics better than our development of a brand new variety of cotton. This was a long-term project, undertaken in partnership with the Cotton Research Institute of Turkey, culminating in a new plant that produces exceptionally strong, fine and silky fibres. Meander 71, which we grow ourselves, gives us a yarn to rival most of the Egyptian Giza varieties, which we use in special, limited release lines of super-fine cotton fabrics.

First seeds of a crown jewel...
The fascinating journey behind the
Meander 71 fabrics started when seeds
touched the soil...

Sown on our founding family's fertile fields in the heart of Söke region, Meander 71 was born out of an outstanding innovation project performed by SÖKTAŞ.

The first signs of life... Our land cherished by the healthy cotton seedlings.

Meander 71 is blooming! Sweet celebration of our success, seeds turned our fertile fields into amazing gardens...

A precious cotton boll... Our very own high-end cotton is growing as the symbol of top quality Turkish yarn, assuring that it's legacy will be long lived.

White gold... Innovative and effective R&D project gives us the opportunity to control the entire production cycle for complete traceability regarding Meander 71 cotton.

Long fibre is never a short story... Finally our own “long staple cotton” blessed us with a unique yarn, which is soft as silk but also has the durability of cotton.

Embodying SÖKTAŞ in its DNA... One can easily see the genetic code of Meander 71 in SÖKTAŞ corporate logo. They both represent the highest quality and understated elegance naturally...

Harvesting our precious Meander 71 cotton... This is a significant success for our company and prosperous celebration by nature.

Getting into shape to create fine Meander 71 yarn.

Meander 71 is getting finer and silkier at each step with total precision defined by SÖKTAŞ.

Finally the combination of genetic superiority of Meander 71 seeds and the highest production quality of SÖKTAŞ create this finest, silky and durable yarn.

Long story short ... The fascinating journey of a precious little seed from fertile fields to fabulous fabrics... now being distributed by SÖKTAŞ all around the world to inspire most discerning customers for natural elegance.

​ ​




SÖKTAŞ is a specialist maker and supplier of cotton and cotton blended shirtings and more recently jacket & trouser fabrics that offers luxury at every level. Our customer focused set up allows us to meet your every need from design, quality, finish, exclusivity, usability, delivery deadlines and orders that range from minuscule to major. Our innovative research, development, design, presentation and archiving capabilities, with over 300,000 fabrics at our fingertips, keep our customers ahead of the industry and abreast of trends.


Founded in 1971 and listed on the Turkish Stock Exchange in 1995, SÖKTAŞ is a specialist designer and producer of cotton and cotton blended fabrics. Our reputation was built on shirting fabrics which we export around the world and we have broadened that expertise into fabrics for contemporary jackets, trousers.

SÖKTAŞ is the silent giant behind many of the world’s best known fashion labels, but no matter the name, where located and whatever the size, our commitment is the same: a dedicated, personalised service to meet your needs and keep you at the forefront of global and regional trends. Our ordering system has been set up to enable us to respond with the same speed and precision to orders of vast quantities as to those of a few metres.

The service we provide our customers is made possible by our control of the entire production chain from yarn spinning, twisting, dyeing, weaving, design and finishing. Development of original yarns and
new blends is a priority, enabling us to offer customers world firsts
in fabrics such as exceptional cottons blended with fine wool, silk
and linen. A new super premium cotton yarn we use is made from
a hybrid seed grown on our own land. It was co-developed with the
Cotton Research Institute and produces a strong, fine, silky cotton
fibre to rival most of the Egyptian Giza varieties.

Our luxury cotton fabric retail business in India, with its strong tradition of bespoke tailoring and fabric retailing, is now serviced by its own production mill in Kolhapur, offering specific service delivery and fast turnaround for Indian and Indonesian markets.


Please click here to watch Söktaş corporate video.


We are deeply woven into the fabric of our region with a unique impact on the world around us. In Söktaş, as an integral part of our rich heritage and culture, we believe that to be successful in long-term business venture, one must create value for society.

Ilyas Bey Complex Renovation project,
Our founding family, with deep roots in the region, sponsored a landmark conservation project called İlyas Bey complex. The İlyas Bey complex, built in 1404 by the principality’s ruler, cosseting of a mosque, a madras, an imaret, a double hamam and a market is a masterpiece reflecting the principal characteristics of the era.

2012 Europa Nostra Conservation award for İlyas Bey project.
Our founders’ belief in socially responsible projects and their family ties to the building led them to engage in a sound restoration which has resulted in the announcement of a prestigious 2012 Europa Nostra Conservation award for this project.

Publication of a landmark conservation project called İlyas Bey complex.

Sponsorship of Smyrna Archaeological Excavations Archaic Ionia – Smyrna (1998, 2003)

Refurbishment of İzmir Archaeology Museum, Department of Treasury

Hacı Halil Pasha County Public Library
Hacı Halil Pasha county library building was built in 1895 as a residence, belonging to our founding family, and later on converted into a library and donated to the city of Söke.

Continued contribution to İKSEV
Izmir Foundation for Culture, Arts and Education.

Cow Parade İstanbul, 2007
CowParade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world. CowParade events have been staged in over 75 cities worldwide since 1999. We proudly sponsored the event in Istanbul in 2007.

We invite the art students of DEU Fine Arts Faculty for a creative workshop. They convert industrial materials like machine parts, computer bits into highly creative sculptures.

​ ​




SÖKTAŞ is committed both to customer satisfaction and to the personal and professional development of its employees. We place a great deal of emphasis on employee fulfillment, respect for diversity and respect for each other. We believe that achieving great results means investing in and supporting our people. We do that in many ways - from in-house and out-of-company training, to participation in state of-the-art customer satisfaction projects; from accommodation for new local graduates to private health insurance for office staff.


Prioritising people, of course, means prioritising our customers, from the smallest to the biggest and on every continent. Living our brand values of quality, performance, innovation and elegance means continuing to strive for perfection in what we offer, which entails attention to the smallest detail in everything we do.

Supporting our focus on the development of our people is a best practice Quality Assurance System called Six Sigma which we began using in 2009. What sets Six Sigma apart from other quality improvement initiatives is its clear focus on achieving measurable returns, emphasis on strong and passionate leadership and a special infrastructure of “Champions”, “Black Belts”, “Green Belts” etc to lead and implement the approach. With over 70% of our staff undertaking the training, we currently have 2 Master Black Belt, 16 Black Belt, 7 Green Belt and over 100 Yellow Belt fully accredited staff.

We recognise that prioritising people equally means valuing those inside the company. All new staff receive up to 3 months paid training to ensure a smooth integration into the organisational culture. Personal career progression plans are co-authored with the support of Human resources to give staff a sense of where they can and want to go. They are assisted by their own managers, by Human Resources and by Trainers, but our aim is to have people set, monitor and realise their own goals within the bigger framework of those of the organisation.

Interested in a career with a company that cares?
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As part of our quest to bring the best of European fashion to the Indian market, we opened
a state of the art production facility in India in 2008 exclusively producing shirting fabrics. Since then we have become the regional market leader in premium Egyptian cotton shirtings. Our production centre is located in Kolhapur, augmented by a design showroom in Bangalore. Both establishments enable us to supply and offer personalised, on-the-ground service to ready-made garment centres in the region and to the region’s plethora of bespoke tailors.

OTC (Over the Counter Collections)

Quarterly Collections
Innovative collections of luxury cotton shirtings offering a wide palette of weaves, designs and colours. Each new collection encompasses styles that reflect current trends as well as a range of timeless classics.

We offer two premium collections that are always in stock and ready for orders that come in at any time:

SÖKTAŞ Excellence
Offering an enviable diversity of exclusive designs in the finest Giza cotton which has the softness of silk but is breathable and cooler to wear. This premium range is distributed with “Söktaş” branded woven selvedge which is the synonym of style, luxury and exclusivity.

A shirting collection in classic white with designs and weaves that showcase current trends as well as perennial classics.



Mr. Jugraj Jain

10/25 Kumara Krupa Road,
High Grounds Opp. Sindhi School,
Bangalore 560001

T: +91 9845000114



10/25 Kumara Krupa Road,
High Grounds Opp. Sindhi School,
Bangalore 560001

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R.P. Enterprise

Rainbow Plaza, 46 / 48, Champa Galli,
Near M. J. Market, Kalbadevi,
Mumbai 400002

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Fabcott India

20, Sri Nagar Colony,
First Floor, Ashok Vihar Road,
New Delhi 110052

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Jagrit Fashions Pvt. Ltd.

10 Armenian Street,
1st Floor,
Kolkatta 700001

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Prime Fabrics

530, Megh Market,
2nd Floor,Avenue Road,
Banglore 560002

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70/18, Godown Street,
1st Floor,
Chennai 600001

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Hema Distributors

210,211,3rd Floor, R.T.Street,
BVK Iyengar Road Cross,
Chickpet, Bangalore 560053

T: +91 9448575111


Cloth Trading Company

21, New Cloth Market,
Gate No: 3, Pandri,
Raipur, Chattisgarh 492004

T: +91 9415132971



Quarterly Collections
We apply the same philosophy to this label of quarterly collections. Each collection features up to the minute designs and colours as well as timeless classics.

Giza House Whites
A premium shirting collection in classic white, always in stock and ready for orders that come in at any time.



Mr. Jugraj Jain

10/25 Kumara Krupa Road,
High Grounds Opp. Sindhi School,
Bangalore- 560001

T: +91 9845000114


R.P.G. Enterprise

Rainbow Plaza, Ground Floor,
46/48, Champa Galli ,Near M. J. Market,

T: +91 9819589966


Mohan Synthetics

13, Noormal Loyia Lane,
Ground Floor,
Kolkatta 700007

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S.V. Fabrics

2-1-95 & 98, First Floor,
Tobacco Bazaar,
Secunderabad 500003

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Niyaz Synthetics

76, 1ST FLOOR,
Godown Street,
Chennai 600001

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Hemant Textile Company

Sco-14, Wholesale Textile Mkt,
Aggarsain Chowk,
Ambala City 134002

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Padam Fabrics

3, Bhagwandas Building,
1st Cross, KG Road,
Bangalore 560009

T: +91 9844133797


Chopra Enterprise

50/15, Dharamvir Market,
Naughara, Kanpur,
U.P 208001

T: +91 9415132971



Dedicated design teams in Europe meet the needs of individual fashion houses who require premium one off collections, each one exclusive to the customer for whom it has been created.

The design team in Bangalore collaborate with local Indian brand owners in the design of proprietary ranges for specific brands.



Designed in Europe, our Seasonal Collections are launched simultaneously in Europe and in India, giving equal focus to both regions. Each Collection is designed to be in harmony with current trends and ahead of upcoming ones. Fabric design and weaves
range from silky and sophisticated to classics with a twist; from
casual, sporty chic to ingenious, environmental chic - in colours
and textures that are ‘right now’.




İslam Kerimov Caddesi No: 16
Sunucu İş Merkezi, B Blok Kat 8,
35530 Bayraklı, İzmir

T: +90 (232) 435 49 59

F: +90 (232) 435 57 87


Plot No. T-8, Five Star MIDC,
Kagal - Hatkanangale, Kasaba Sangaon,
Kolhapur 416217, Maharashtra,

T: +91 231 2305121

F: +91 231 2305122


Cumhuriyet Mahallesi
Akeller Caddesi No: 54,
09201 Söke, Aydın

T: +90 (256) 518 22 55

F: +90 (256) 518 16 09

E: marketing@soktas.com.tr


3293, 2nd Floor, 12th Main,
H.A.L 2nd Stage, Indiranagar,
Bangalore 560038, Karnataka,

T: +91 80 25205002 / 25205003

F: +91 80 40959043





July 2014

Biella, 14 July 2014- SÖKTAŞ has opened its warehouse facilities in Biella ITALY.

SÖKTAŞ is pleased to announce the opening of it’s Italy branch and warehouse facility in Biella, Italy.

Light filled, office for our creative design team, modern space for our designated MTM sales & marketing team and a big warehouse... All under one roof to create a synergy and ensure to give best local service to our European clientele. Biella exerts a significant impact upon Italian commerce, design and textiles, therefore we have started our operations with an important action plan for our European made to measure customers. This is a major step for us and our European customers, as a local service we ensure to provide continued and focused support without bureaucratic custom problems.

Since 1971, SÖKTAŞ has become one of the leading authorities on luxury shirting fabrics and one of textile’s biggest success stories. Traditions of ancient Aegean cotton growing transformed into a modern industry, that produces some of the finest cotton fabrics in the world. SÖKTAŞ brand has earned its sartorial chevron with an undoubted commitment for producing truly individual, exquisite bespoke fashion and became synonymous with luxury shirting fabrics. “The synergy of our heritage and our hard work creates the unbroken chain of fibre to fabric with care and inspiration. We invite you to accompany us on this exciting journey” said Muharrem Kayhan, Chairman of SÖKTAŞ.

The new branch with a warehouse area, is the new home to SÖKTAŞ’s precious “Bespoke Selection” collection. Having the premises in Biella, gives Söktaş customers the benefit of having the stock in Italy, which means a local service to European MTM market, for prompt delivery on the small order sizes and even the cut lengths. SÖKTAŞ takes pride in service excellence and envisaging to make seamless introduction to Europe with a place in Biella.

We invite you to accompany us on our new, exciting endeavour in Italy or even better next time when you are in Biella, just drop by for a great Turkish or Italian coffee !...




Premier Vision Paris Show February 2014

February 2014

SÖKTAŞ presented it’s Spring Summer 2015 collection at Premier Vision Paris Show in February 2014.

Our stand was the popular stop by our visitors from all corners of the globe. It was such a pleasure to see their overwhelming reaction to our new collection for Spring Summer 2015. Visitors showed great interest to our renewed NOBLESSE and BESPOKE Collections as well as the TAYLORD fabrics for jackets and trousers.




SÖKTAŞ LAUNCHED the renewed NOBLESSE Collection at Premier Vision Paris

February 2014

SÖKTAŞ announced the renewal of their exquisite NOBLESSE shirtings catalogue, showcasing refined, luxurious, noble classics, as well as ultra-fine fabric bases and special finishes with sophisticated simplicity.

NOBLESSE range is designed with fineness in mind. This super-premium collection of classic designs are spun of the finest Egyptian Giza cottons, with yarn counts of Ne 300/2, 240/2, 200/2, 170/2 and 140/2.
“Fineness of yarns, new technological capabilities and luxurious cotton blends allowed us to execute patterns that were once not possible. This is not just an ordinary collection, it is something that does not contemplate any imperfections at all” said Vice President - Marketing & Product Development, Seyhan Aktemur.
The new NOBLESSE is an aesthetically precise range and has an exquisite structures in utterly classic colours.The collection reflects intense care & attention to detail and almost obsessive meticulousness of the creative and manufacturing processes. In this wonderfully constructed new collection SÖKTAŞ sets the standard for the most discerning customers.
“In our new books, we put our artistic talent, technique and science into service of the best ideas to create high aesthetics. Our focus was on weightless materials, new base fabrics with natural fibres, precious blends and refined details, for people to be able to invest in future classics” said  Ms. Aktemur.
The range has an increased offer of new, luxury cottons and cotton / silk / cashmere blends in sophisticated, elegant weaves and colours suitable for any occasion.
The new NOBLESSE catalogue contains five different books;
300/2 & 240/2 Ultra-fine fabrics with exquisite designs.
200/2 Elegant designs in extra-fine noble fabrics.
170/2 Beautifully executed intricate structures, utterly classic designs, super-fine, cotton-linen Zephyr bases.
140/2 Timeless classic designs and textures with an unmistakable artisanship. 
Noble Harmony Extraordinary sensation of cotton, silk and cashmere blends.
The new catalogues are ever more user friendly with their new casing and presentation. Each yarn count is specified and identified on the spine of each booklet to make the selection easier.





SÖKTAŞ presented the new BESPOKE Collection at Premiere Vision Paris

February 2014

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our sophisticated BESPOKE shirtings catalogue; immaculate, distinctively personal classics in selection of super-fine fabric bases and special finishes, created for customers offering made-to-measure tailoring around the globe.

BESPOKE range is designed with individuality in mind. A man can reach high fashion & essential functionality at the same time; he can be very well dressed, in his immaculately fitted shirt, while he is running around between his adventures and commitments. This extremely fine collection of classic designs are spun of the finest Egyptian Giza cottons, with yarn counts of Ne 300/2, 240/2, 200/2, 170/2 and 140/2. Finest yarns and beautiful cotton blends allow us to execute exquisite designs. This is a sublime collection... From classical to modern fashion look, yarns, textures, blends, compositions create high aesthetics in different styles. 
The new BESPOKE is an impressive range... Between classical references and modern looks the collection has breathtaking structures in utterly classic colours. The entire catalogue pays a tribute to quality, intense care and attention to detail. For the most private, individual tastes SÖKTAŞ sets the standard with this wonderfully constructed, immense new collection.
In our new books, we generously poured our artistic creativity, technique and science into service of the best ideas to create high aesthetics for bespoke craftsmanship. Our focus is on individuality, therefore we offer new base fabrics with natural fibres, precious blends and supreme details, for people to be able to choose for their refined tastes.
The range proposes an impressively rich offer of new, superb cottons and cotton / silk / linen / cashmere blends
in sublime, elegant weaves and colours suitable for unmistakable artisanship. 
The new BESPOKE catalogue contains six different books;
BOARDROOM Immaculate, distinctively personal & always ahead of trends
in finest yarn counts of Ne 300/2 , 240/2 , 200/2 and 170/2.
PRIDE Finest selection of fabulous fabrics in extra fine 140/2 collection.
OPULENCE Sophisticated, elegant and rich fabrics bring lavish grandeur for craftsmanship. 
TIMELESS Exquisite structures in utterly classic colours with soft and silky touch. 
ESCAPE Weekend luxury will have a new meaning with the custom made, immaculately fitted shirt.
IN SEASON Cotton and cotton blended shirtings are generously
transformed into pure luxury with rich seasonal colours.
The new catalogues are ever more user friendly with their new casing and presentation. Each collection name is specified and identified on the spine of each booklet to make the selection easier.





SÖKTAŞ Officially Received R&D Centre Certificate

December 2013

Söktaş attended to R&D Centers Summit in Istanbul between 15-17, November 2013.

The agenda of the summit was determined to cover the Role of R&D Centers within the Innovation Ecosystem. We have participated with an exhibition stand and presented our R&D projects and products. Our success story with Meander 71 project and our approach to R&D was published in ‘Turkish R&D centers Success Stories’ journal.

Research and Development is a strategic element of our business and we have been granted R&D License and supported by the Turkish Government since March 2012. During the summit, SÖKTAŞ officially received R&D Centre Certificate from the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Nihat ERGÜN.




We just started to harvest our Meander 71 cotton for the new season.

October 2013

Meander 71, fascinating story of a precious little seed....

Once again we are proud and equally humbled with natures gift of Meander 71 cotton.

Our new generation of cotton is being harvested right now for a new limited lines of super-fine cotton fabrics. As you all are familiar by now, we actually grow Meander 71 cotton in our own fertile fields, in the heart of Söke valley. All those elements of genetic superiority of Meander 71 and healthy planting, harvesting comes together under the total precision of Söktaş's highest production capacity and design genius. Once we complete our picking, we will soon start processing of uniqe silky yarn and eventually produce fabulous fabrics, for you to wear with pleasure. Keep following us for more news on silky smooth Meander 71.

This season's cotton harvest photographed by our senior designer Seçkin Yenici.





August 2013

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our Fast Forward shirtings catalogue. Our new books are filled with updated classics, as well as new fabric bases and specific finishes which emphasise fresh colours. The range has an increased offer of new luxury blends like cotton/ silk, cotton/ cashmere, linen, and the unique Meander 71... in sophisticated elegant colours suitable for whatever shape the season takes.

The new books also offer our new 'Traveller' range, which is designed with 'travel 'in mind. Under the 'Traveller' range we want to make life easier for you by keeping your shirt clean and crisp all day long through your hectic schedules with 'Non Iron' , 'Easy Care' and 'Flat Finishes' which offer wrinkle-free and stay-fresh alternatives without ammonia.

Also in our new books we would like to share the organic cotton range with you, Söktaş's proof of commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We translated this commitment into artistic realisation of desirable fabrics.

- Essentials, contains luxury fabrics with timeless and elegant designs.
- Modern Classic, delivering timeless classics with exquisite fabrics.
- Showcase, sensational blends with a range of delicate, beautifully executed bases in line with current trends.

We wish to inspire new shirt portfolios with our elegant new collection.




SÖKTAŞ presented Spring Summer 2014 collections at Intertextile Beijing

March 2013

SÖKTAŞ presented it’s Spring Summer 2014 collection at Intertextile Beijing Apparel Fabrics exhibition. It was a great pleasure to welcome the Chinese authorities in our stand together with many high profile visitors.

Early reaction to our new collection has been extremely positive. Our visitors showed great interest to our new S/S 2014 collection
particularly in Meander 71 and Noble Harmony shirting range as well as the Taylord fabrics for jackets and trousers.

With such an exhilarating motivation SÖKTAŞ design team now works on new collections to come for the next season.




Premiere Vision February 2013

February 2013

Once again we were at Premier Vision Paris Show in February 2013. Our stand was the popular stop by our visitors from all corners of the globe. It was such a pleasure to see their overwhelming reaction to our new collection for Spring Summer 2014.





SÖKTAŞ Launches TAYLORD Fabric Range at Premiere Vision

September 2012

After four decades of producing the finest shirting fabrics, the introduction of a new range of fabrics ushers in a new era; cotton, cotton melange, cotton/wool, cotton/cashmere fabrics for jacket, blazer, suit and pants.

SÖKTAŞ is proud to announce the launch of its new product range TAYLORD, one that has been designed in response to the growing trend for new and contemporary urban clothing.

TAYLORD's revolutionary blend of finest cotton and lustrous pile of natural wool gives you the feeling of warmth and cool at once, extraordinary sensation that creates deep emotions. Fabric is breathable and naturally crease resistant thanks to twisted combed yarns which makes it perfect not only for classic tailored jackets but also for jackets without lining. Incomparable finishing treatments give that collection a modern touch which is perfect for a contemporary jacket.

Collection also offers an elegant, special occasion ceremonial experience with its luminous fine cotton and its lurex blends.

Says SÖKTAŞ’ Chairman Muharrem Kayhan “This major initiative is the result of many months of research and development with our quest to create a product which is totally unique by designs and colours. We hope our customers will take this new article and turn it into a wardrobe full of quality garments. TAYLORD is created in response to the growing trend for new and contemporary urban clothing. Today fast pace business life requires people to dress for the occasion and still be flexible yet look smart, TAYLORD's cotton /wool blend range is light, versatile yet has a semi formal and city smart contemporary look. Our commitment to craftsmanship has earned us the loyalty of our customers “.

TAYLORD will be rolled out over the next season and will find its ultimate expression in contemporary clothing.




SÖKTAŞ makes its marque on the world stage

February 2012

Söktaş Dokuma is proud to announce the launch of its new corporate identity, one that has been designed to embrace and reflect its growing stature in the global market for cotton yarn-dyed shirting fabrics.

Says Söktaş’ Chairman Muharrem Kayhan

“This major initiative is the result of many months of research and development in our quest to create an identity that embodies the company’s historical and geographical heritage and that embraces our growing global reach and stature.”

The new Söktaş identity is an artfully simple representation of many aspects of the organisation. At its heart is the corporate symbol, which is both a representation of the letter “S” and of the meandering nature of the river at the centre of the Söke valley in which the company was founded. The totality of the symbol evokes a cotton plant and its structure forms an infinity, which suggests a sense of continuity – of the company’s heritage and tradition as well as in product and service excellence. The thin gold line in the centre of the “S” gives the symbol an added dimension of discreet opulence. In association with the wordmark of Söktaş, which has been created using an elegant font called Young Finesse, the new logo exemplifies graceful, sleek and sophisticated simplicity.

The new identity will be rolled out over the next few months and will be used in and on everything that represents Söktaş: from new-style fabric labelling to corporate stationery, promotional signage and flags; from gift bags and boxes, to corporate vehicles and apparel. The new identity will be introduced to the widest possible audience across the widest possible number of applications at the earliest opportunity. The intention for the future is that everything that carries the Söktaş name will appropriately reflect the understated luxury that has become the cornerstone of the company’s output.




Muharrem Kayhan, Chairman of Söktaş

November 2011

A former professional basketball player, a farmer first and foremost, and a textile engineer to boot. And given that Muharrem Kayhan also holds an American MBA and collects coins from ancient Greece (“500 to 200 BC,“ he adds), there's only one thing to do: go to the Soktas Dokuma stand to learn more about him.

He is always there to meet with clients (“even if I do not know the prices of the products,“ he jokes). Muharrem, who joined the company when he was 25, has headed it up since 1981. And to be frank, has no plans to do otherwise. His idea: “retirement in stages, that is to say, one month of vacation per year.“ His method: “a one hour tour, each afternoon, to visit the designers and the marketing people. It's all about motivating the troops.“ Cotton, from planting it to weaving it, has run in the family veins for over a century. Sixty years ago, his father sent the fabric metres to Italy to have them printed before selling them in Turkey. The mid-80s sealed the fate of Soktas: shirts, nothing but shirts. Since then, Muharrem's workhorse has been marketing. “Production is sufficient,“ he says. “The important thing is to find customers and satisfy them, to sell and make a profit.“ Case made. Over the past two years, a factory opened in India has been developing sales in the Indian subcontinent and Indochina. “But it's not a delocalisation,“ he points out. In Turkey, 200 hectares of family property are still planted with cotton, and the remaining 600 hectares are made available to 6,000 dairy cows, the source of a new brand of cheese and dairy products: Moova. Today the company is quoted on the Turkish stock exchange, but 75% remains in the hands of the family. The next generation has been gathering experiences abroad (Columbia University in New York, Coca Cola Canada, etc.) But Muharrem is serene. “They'll be back,“ he says. “The land is the heritage, the link that can't be broken, the tie binds you forever. “ From premierevision.com.




SÖKTAŞ Launched Revolutionary Meander 71 Fabric Range at Premiere Vision

September 2011

The 40th Anniversary of Turkey’s premier cotton producer is a fitting moment in time to mark the launch of Meander 71.

After four decades of producing the finest shirting fabrics, the introduction of a rare and noble variety of cotton ushers in a new era, the culmination of an extensive research and development project undertaken by SÖKTAŞ in partnership with the Cotton Research Institute.

‘The development of hybrid local seeds, which have been planted on our founding family’s own land, has resulted in a strong, fine and silky fibre that rivals most of Egyptian Giza varieties which, until now, have been considered the only choice for exceptional shirtings. This new cotton now provides us with the opportunity to harness the entire premium cotton production cycle, from fertile field, to fine yarn, to fabulous fabric.” said Muharrem Kayhan, Vice Chairman of SÖKTAŞ.

This revolutionary fibre named after the fertile Meander Valley that many believe to be the birthplace of cotton and which was certainly the birthplace of SÖKTAŞ. The numeric suffix 71 anchors this significant innovation to the birth date of the SÖKTAŞ in 1971.

Meander 71 will find its ultimate expression in a special, limited release line of fabrics under SÖKTAŞ’s Noblesse brand.








  • 2014

04 - 05 November 2014


Söktaş will be exhibiting 2015 - 16 Autumn - Winter Collection at Premiere Vision Sao Paulo

Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 Vila Guilherme
CEP: 02055-000
São Paulo / SP

Opening times
10:00 am to 07:00 pm




11 - 13 November 2014


Söktaş will be exhibiting 2015 - 16 Autumn - Winter Collection at JITAC Tokyo International Forum

5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, 
Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN








  • 2014

Pick of the Crop

September 2014

Soktas has a global reputation for premium shirting fabrics made from the softest cotton that stems from its deeply rooted history in Turkey.




September 2014

La fi lature turque a développé un savoir-faire exceptionnel dans la fabrication de tissus de chemise haut de gamme.




August 2014





Fabric of Time

August 2014

Söktas produces the exquisite materials on which empires and walk-in wardrobes are built...