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Luxury at Every Level

Offering luxury at every level is the key to our service-centric approach.

Premium Fast Turn-Around

Our designers constantly anticipate future demand and design and create accordingly. That means our in-stock collections stay ahead of trends and are at the forefront of the industry. They offer an unmatched selection of updated classics and ‘right now’ designs and colours.

Exclusive Development

For customers who require customization and unique design assistance, we have dedicated teams assigned to create variations on specific compositions, facilitate yarn selections, and oversee exclusive fabric development.

Our design team is as committed to archival research as they are intuitive about future trends

Bespoke Precision

Bespoke is a super-premium line of fabrics that cater to the personalized tailor-made shirting market around the world.

Intelligent Finishes

Nearly all our fabrics can be finished with treatments that enhance function and performance.